T-Shirt Message Sparks 1st Amendment Fight

by Bob Unruh for WND

In recent months – a massive fine against an Oregon bakery for refusing to promote “same-sex marriage” with its cake artistry, related penalties against a Colorado bakery with the same values and other cases involving photographers, venues and more.

But there’s a case advancing in the state courts in Kentucky that could make or break that fight – as well as the First Amendment, if it continues to move up the court ladder.

It involves the company called Hands On Originals, which refused to print pro-homosexual T-shirts to promote a “pride festival,” and was cited in a complaint filed on behalf of the Gay & Lesbian Services Organization in Lexington, Kentucky.

In other states, the decisions have gone the other way, and still are under challenge. In a message-on-cake dispute in Colorado, Jack Phillips, a Christian cake maker, was ordered to provide a wedding cake for same-sex duo and undergo “sensitivity training.”

Phillips has told WND he does not discriminate based on a person’s sexual orientation, but his issue is over the message conveyed by a cake that promotes a ceremony he believes is contrary to the biblical definition of marriage. He noted that he would bake and offer to sell any other kind of cake, just not a wedding cake.

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Published: 04-06-2015