‘I Will Slaughter the Jew’: Terrifying Mid-Flight Attack by Muslim Passenger

by Sharona Schwartz for The Blaze

An Israeli passenger on an Ethiopian Airlines flight described to an Israeli news site how he was violently attacked by a Muslim passenger who was shouting, “I will slaughter the Jew” and “Allahu akbar,” or “Allah is the greatest.”

The victim of the attack, identified by the Jerusalem Post as 54-year-old Arik Zanuda, was rescued during last Thursday’s flight from Chad to Ethiopia by a passenger from Lebanon, a country that has never had peaceful relations with Israel.

“He came up behind my seat and started to choke me with a lot of force,” the Israeli said. “At first I couldn’t get my voice out and call for help.”

“He hit me over the head with a metal tray and shouted ‘Allah akbar’ and ‘I will slaughter the Jew.’ Only after a few seconds, just before I was about to lose consciousness, did I manage to call out and a flight attendant who saw what was happening summoned her colleagues,” Arik told the Israeli media outlet.

The airline later told Ynet that the assailant had attacked other passengers and crew members besides the Israeli…

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