12-Year-Old Girl Latest Executioner for ISIS

A 12-year old girl who is under the control of the Islamic State is the brutal terror group’s latest executioner.

Speaking on Wednesday, March 2, a local source in Ninveh told Alsumaria News “On the...

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‘It’s Genocide,’ Europe Says of Christian Slaughter by ISIS

by George Thomas for CBN

The European Parliament has declared the wanton slaughter of Christians and other religious minorities by ISIS is tantamount to genocide.

In a historic move, members of Parlia...

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It’s About Domination: Rape (and Other Sex) Attacks Across Europe

By Meira Svirsky  for The Clarion Project

Disturbing news about migrant violence in Germany and Austria reads like a sick advert for a porn movie...

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In the Name of Honor: Female Genital Mutilation Comes to America

Lorie Johnson, CBN News Medical Reporter
(Graphic Video)

Most immigration talk is dominated by the issue of illegals, but some legal immigrants can also bring problems into our country...

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Billy Graham’s 1957 Warnings ‘Ring True Today’

Author Carl Gallups for WND

“My message to the Christian faith community of America is, ‘Stay engaged! Be the salt and the light! Do not grow weary of doing good, and understand that we have been rais...

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‘I Will Slaughter the Jew’: Terrifying Mid-Flight Attack by Muslim Passenger

by Sharona Schwartz for The Blaze

An Israeli passenger on an Ethiopian Airlines flight described to an Israeli news site how he was violently attacked by a Muslim passenger who was shouting, “I will s...

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Iran to Execute 1,000s For Crimes Like Poetry, Practicing Journalism

by Katie Pavlich for Townhall

When the White House was trying to sell the Iranian nuclear deal to the American people earlier this year, Press Secretary Josh Earnest and President Obama repeatedly arg...

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Christian Refugees Pursued to Sweden and Threatened by ISIS

by Veronica Neffinger for Christian Headlines

Assyrian Christian refugees who fled to Sweden to escape Islamic State violence are finding that persecution is following them.

Christian Today reports th...

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A World with No Christians? Report Shows Disturbing Trend

From CBN News

“No believer should have to live in fear, and this is why (the British) Government is committed to promoting religious freedom and tolerance at home and around the world,” Cameron wrote.

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Coptic Christians in Hiding from Muslims

by Veronica Neffinger for Christian Headlines

Egyptian Coptic Christians are being persecuted by their Muslim neighbors after violence erupted due to a property dispute.

Christian Today reports that t...

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