Human Rights Campaign Says Promoting Equality for LGBT People Not at Odds with Christian Faith

by Veronica Neffinger for Christian Headlines News

The Human Rights Campaign, one of the leading advocates of the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage, is now pushing for people of faith ...

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Texas Student Upset over Assignment That Made Her Acknowledge God is Not Real

by Veronica Neffinger for Christian Headlines News

An assignment at a Texas middle school that required students to affirm that the statement “There is a God” is an opinion rather than a fact left one...

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PP TX Dr.: Harvesting Intact Fetal Heads “Will Give Me Something to Strive For”

by David Daleiden for The Center for Medical Progress

The eleventh video release from The Center for Medical Progress in the ongoing Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal shows the abortion doctor for...

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Planned Parenthood Changes Its Plans, But We Do Not

by John Stonestreet for Christian Headlines News

Unless you’ve been completely unplugged for the last several months, you know about the undercover Planned Parenthood videos released by the Center for...

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Iran to Execute 1,000s For Crimes Like Poetry, Practicing Journalism

by Katie Pavlich for Townhall

When the White House was trying to sell the Iranian nuclear deal to the American people earlier this year, Press Secretary Josh Earnest and President Obama repeatedly arg...

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Christian Refugees Pursued to Sweden and Threatened by ISIS

by Veronica Neffinger for Christian Headlines

Assyrian Christian refugees who fled to Sweden to escape Islamic State violence are finding that persecution is following them.

Christian Today reports th...

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A World with No Christians? Report Shows Disturbing Trend

From CBN News

“No believer should have to live in fear, and this is why (the British) Government is committed to promoting religious freedom and tolerance at home and around the world,” Cameron wrote.

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Equality Act creates ‘LGBT rights’ – Everywhere!

by Bob Unruh for WND

“There must be celebration and support, and in the business world, failure to be on the front lines of promoting the LGBT cause will have serious negative consequences,” he said...

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Israel: Four Palestinians Shot Dead After Separate Knife Attacks

by Dave Urbanski for The Blaze

Palestinian assailants carried out five stabbing attacks in Jerusalem and the West Bank on Saturday, authorities said, as a month-long outburst of violence showed no sig...

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Liberals Trash Christianity Non-Stop, Then Blame The 2nd Amendment When Someone Murders Christians

by John Hawkins for Townhall Oct 03, 2015

A gunman singled out Christians, telling them they would see God in “one second,” during a rampage at an Oregon college Thursday that left at least nine innoc...

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